Yaron Assabi

Yaron Assabi – 2016 (1)

Chairman of MMA / Non-Executive Director of IAB | MMA/IAB

Yaron is an entrepreneur with a passion for ICT & founded what is known today as the Digital Solutions Group (www.dsg.co.za ) in 1998. In 2004 Yaron was appointed as the ICT strategist for the Nelson Mandela Foundation and formulated the strategy for the 46664 global communities. In June 2014 Yaron was elected to serve on the advisory board of the Mobile Marketing Association of South Africa and in August 2015 he was appointed Chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association In 2015 Yaron was appointed as a non executive director on the IAB South Africa Board looking after Mobile initiatives for the IAB South Africa . Yaron supports African entrepreneurs by volunteering as a mentor in the Microsoft Bizspark program, SW7 program , and TechStars Africa sponsored by Barclays Rise. Yaron was recently voted by Fast Company Magazine (June 2017) “Most Creative People in Business 2017”, for helping Brands become customer advocates. DSG was recently the most nominated company for Customer Experience Awards at the BPESA CCMG August 2017 Awards for “ Best Social CX”, “Best technology innovation” and “ Best outsource Contact Centre” . MVNE part of DSG was a semi finalist in the XL Africa Awards nominated in the top 40 out of 900 African businesses that participated.