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Co-Founder | Fort

Amr is a film director, photographer, writer – he is the creative conscience behind FORT, co-founder and Creative Partner based in Johannesburg, South Africa. A graduate from the University of Cape Town with degrees in Media Studies, Anthropology and Film Production, Amr balances the fine blade between advertising and authenticity. Having led teams in both South Africa and up to 17 other African countries as well as Dubai, Amr has worked on a number of brands across a diverse range of platforms. Amr brings a unique mix of insight, innovation and pragmatism to projects. He’s ability to transition between commanding international film crews from the director’s chair to conceiving and conceptualising brand-creative in a boardroom is impressively smooth. Amr is the director of the independent short film Unwritten: A Visual Journey of Nepal (2016), shot on location in the Kathmandu Valley under the Fort and Rainmakers Journal label. The film has won at the Amsterdam Film Festival and Hollywood International Documentary Awards (HIIDA), and earned official selections at the Balinale International Film Festival, Roma Cinema Doc, and Largo International Film Festival. With an astute understanding of contemporary storytelling in a period of technological disruption, Amr’s ability to craft compelling brand narratives has led to the emergence of FORT as one of the most exciting independently owned creative content networks on the African continent. Amongst other accolades and nominations, Amr was nominated at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in Cannes, France in 2013, and has won the Craft Gold for directing at the Promax BDA Africa 2017 awards. He is featured on and contributor to Shots and has been profiled in a number of other publications such as: Marketing Week, The Sunday Times, Screen Africa, City Press and Fast Company among others, and has been named one of Fast Company's Most Productive People in 2016. Having built a successful creative business designed on a shared prosperity model, Amr brings a unique mix of insight, innovation and pragmatism to any table.