Shingai Nyagweta


CEO & Artistic Director | Kuna Kids

Never was the phrase “dynamite comes in small packages” more accurate, than when describing our lovely Creative Director of KuNa, Shingai Nyagweta. Coming from a family of very tall and very clever business people, Shingai is a complete contrast to her wonderful family. From the age of eight, this bright young girl loved colour. Loved patterns. Loved shapes. And knew in her heart of hearts, that a fashion designer, was what she wanted to be. In 2004, Shingai was accepted into the Durban University of Technology to study Fashion Design. From here, she was headhunted by the Foschini Group, to work in the design team for their children’s range. By 2009, Marianne Fassler was asking her to join them at her Sibella Children’s Range. Seeing a bright talent in the making, the ever-fabulous Ms. Fassler pushed Shingai to start her own brand, full time. So inspired by working for Marianne Fassler, Shingai started KuNa, with her niece Kunashe, as her muse. Shingai was accepted into the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, for their foundation course, in 2014. Being invited into the Advanced Course, Shingai found herself meeting the ultimate entrepreneur, Mr Richard Branson. So admiring was he of her clothes, that he bought four sets of outfits for his soon to be born grandchildren. Shingai is so full of ideas. Today, after completing that course with flying colours, KuNa is growing from strength to strength. So much happiness and love is happening at KuNa in 2017.