Rita Doherty


Chief Strategy Officer | FCB Africa

Rita Doherty is the Chief Strategy Officer for FCB Africa. She’s been with the agency for 13 years and enjoyed the privilege of working with many of South Africa’s leading brands including SA’s most loved brand, KOO and SA’s 2nd most loved brand, Coca-Cola. Before joining FCB, Rita was Deputy Strategy Director at Herdbuoys McCann-Erickson, and before that she was Acting Media Director for McCann-Erickson Africa. She’s won 7 Apex awards. Rita has a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy, an Honours Degree in English Literature, and an MBA with a cum laude dissertation on Culture and Technology. FCB Africa is famous for building Africa’s Favourite Brands with 94% of their brands being either No.1 or No.2 in their category. FCB Africa is also famous for making SA’s most loved advertising with the most loved ad of the last 25 years (Sasol Amagluglug), last 10 years (Klipdrift Met Eish) and more loved ads every year than any other agency in South African history. Last year FCB Africa won the Financial Mail Large Agency of the Year as well as Digital Agency of the year and the Sunday Times Top Brands Agency for the third year running.