Future:Ad Africa provides the forum for marketers, agencies, publishers and tech suppliers to discover trends, tactics and technologies.

Whether you are an experienced professional or just getting familiar with the industry, you will find keynotes & panels comprised of world class speakers presenting the latest innovations and disruptive forces in the new area of TV advertising and digital media, exchanging ideas and examining the key trends and what they mean for brands, agencies and publishers.



• Why advertising technology is important for your brand?
• How to make every impression count?
• Media in the automated future: the key trends
• What goes into building a programmatic ad buying program?
• Why your CRM is your best asset?
• Big changes with Big data


• Digital revolution in Africa tied to the success of mobile?
• Spotlight on predicting 4G’s impact on mobile advertising?

Country Sessions

• Kenya
• Nigeria
• South Africa

Marketing / Strategy

• Turning media complexity into a business opportunity
• Why brands should speak local language?
• Integrated Strategy : How an agency can leverage scale and still innovates?
• 2020: What about the next wave?


• Shifting TV viewing habits and simultaneous usage of multiple devices: How to adapt to that reality?
• Building successful content partnership by adding Branded Content to Advanced Advertising
• How can audience measurement help Ad buyers?
• OTT: what does the OTT rise mean to brands?

Social Media

• The future of customer centricity
• What are advertisers asking from digital media and is it delivering?
• Has the buy-side got the balance right between TV and digital spend?