Market place

This event is a 2-day market place bringing together Local & International advertisers and agencies representing Top brands in Africa seeking TV and digital advertising opportunities with Publishers (TV, media, telco, Ad house, social media,…) from Sub-Saharan African countries.


What Future:Ad Africa market place has to offer isn’t only about selling and buying material assets, but something much more valuable: contacts. 90% of people think that meeting in person is crucial for a long business relationship.

Reserve your spot at the market, showcase your services and cut deals!

The market place floors meetings for the top executives of the industry, exclusively. The Meet Market Platform is available to set up 30mn meetings six weeks prior to the event with all registered advertisers, agencies and publishers.

Book your meeting table or small booths, arrange meetings, meet and discuss about brands and agencies’ needs and make new business deals. Each meeting table or small booth is a meeting spot for teaching, learning, closing deals, creating partnerships, and finding new opportunities.